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Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with outcome. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do. I have recommend you to my friends. Thanks again for your help.
Mandeep – October 15, 2010
This is great program! I spent 6 months in the jail in Seattle for drugs. The company fix all of my border problems. They even fixed the deportation problem. They gave me life back. I would recommend this company to fix your problem too.
Sukhwinder Singh
Sukhwinder Singh – March 28, 2011

You people are a life saver. I can’t believe what you guys have done for me!. I had been crossing the border for 30 years with no problem. 4 months ago, I got sent inside and they grilled me for hours. I just had 2 assault charges and 3 theft charges. The pricks inside yelled at me and threw a waiver packet on the table in front of me. They told me to bring it back filled out.
They really didn’t like my charge for Assaulting a Police Officer. They said if I came back without a waiver that I would go to jail. Well, I called one lawyer and he wanted $2000 and gave me no guarantees. I called a waiver company downtown and they told me I could get an express waiver if I was in a hurry. It seemed kinda fishy and the guy seemed desperate for money so I said no!
Now, these guys were different…They looked at my charges and told me that I didn’t even need a waiver. I argued with them telling them that I did not want to go to jail. They showed me on paper why I did not need a waiver.
They prepared my case and you know what? I got a letter from the American government that said I did not need a waiver! I went back to that dumb prick of a lawyer and showed him the paper. He didn’t say a word! Thank you so much guys for helping me out. Oh and sweet justice was when I crossed over, I got same first prick that said I needed a waiver.
I showed him the letter and he just looked pathetically stupid. They let me go and I went to Seattle that night and stayed the weekend.
Thanks, guys…I have a lot of friends with charges and I am sending them all to you. Now I can take the ole battleaxe to California and not hear her whine

Mike – June 30, 2014

I spent year in immigration jail in Tacoma and was deported. I think that was 2005. I filed asylum and appealed. I came to Canada instead. June I was stopped at the border and they asked my about my asylum.
I said I don’t want it and they told me go back to Canada. My good friends at company did all of the paper work and got me cleared. I can go down to California now. I will buy the blueberry farm this year.
They said they will do all of the paperwork for me. thank you very much. I have told all my friends and they are all calling you now.

Ravi – August 14, 2015

OMG… I can now go across the border to go shopping YAY! My girlfriend was having a stagette in Everette. She likes navy boys I guess. Anyway, I told the border guard where we were going. He asked me if I wanted to marry a navy boy…I told them that well i dont know..Who knows what might happen in my future.
He looked at he and accused me of looking for a navy husband in the navy! OMG WAS HE FOR REAL? Did he think I was just a dumb blonde! He sent me back to Canada and I missed the stagette. He was so mean to me:( They cleared my case and now I can go to Vegas YES!

Tiffany – Aug 16, 2015

Wow, these guys really helped me out. I was accused of drug dealing but I didn’t do it. I only got charged with PPT(trafficking) but it was dismissed. I did get convicted of beating up 3 guys and putting them in hospital. The border said that I needed a waiver so I was choked. I went to these guys and they told me that I didn’t need a waiver. The border still wouldn’t let me in. I didn’t believe them until they got me a September Letter from the us government. Now I am cleared for life.

Lee – February 2, 2016

The police are always stopping me for any reason. I am a good Canadian citizen but had some trouble growing up. I do have a couple pages of charges and convictions but my life has changed. I wanted a waiver to take my girl to the states.
One waiver company looked at my charges and asked me how was I walking around the streets? I was like wtf dude! I thought you would help me. They turned me away and I found Denied Entry To USA Thru one of my homeboys. Rick looked at my convictions and said that he could get me a waiver. I said no way dude would they ever approve me.
So he told me that I didn’t get approved, that he would give me $1000 cash for my headache. I said ok cool and if I get approved that I would give him an extra sum of money. I knew that I wouldn’t get approved.
Well 8 months later they approved me for a 6-month waiver and I fainted. I kept my word to the company. Later I crossed the border and the us border guard couldn’t believe that I was approved. He almost fainted! Needless to say that I will forever use this company for my waivers.
I send all of my homeboys to them now. …lol

No Name
No Name – February 9, 2016

Ok, I gonna make this quick. I tried to cross the border at Niagra Falls and American customs they denied me. Border cop had his hand on his strap while talking to me…i was like wtf man! Then searched my car saying that he thinks I have a I had got charged and falsely accused of Attempted Murder, Assaulting police, Obstruction, Assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, Forcible Confinement, Armed Robbery, drive-by shooting, Poss for purpose of trafficking and more.
I think I got something like 20 or 30 charges. I don’t know or care how many and got the majority from when living in Toronto. I picked up some in BC. I got about 5 convictions including one for uttering threats, poss of prohibited weapon, assault with a weapon and 2 more. I went to these guys since they helped my homeboy(who did an 8-year bid in Cali for Armed Robbery) get cleared to enter the states. Rick looked at my file and told me that he could probably permanently clear me. I didn’t believe him at first but my cousin was with me and told me that he believed him. He told me that I should do it since we want to go visit my other homeboy doing a 5-year bid in Cali. So we both signed up and applied at the same time. I won’t lie it did cost me a grip.
Well, about 4 months later I got my permanent clearance letter…i was like damn wtf! These dudes in this company are the real deal! They are fuckin magicians! Now I don’t even need a waiver..although I won’t try crossing since now I just got a new assault, forcible confinement and robbery charge that I gotta let time past. Rick referred me to a lawyer that got them stayed. Now my cousin has to have a waiver because he got caught with a joint in North Vancouver. He pissed that I don’t need one but he does ha ha ha.. I sending all my homeboys now to this company. So hear is my contribution to the testimonials.

No Name
No Name – March 10, 2016

I want to write the testimonial for Mr Wong. He helped my son get cleared to enter united states. I cannot show Jas photo because rcmp think he is gangster. he is not he is good kid and we feel shame in home. My son has too many charges for bad things like shooting people with the guns and kicking in the doors selling the Cocaine to lots of people. We want him to visit our family farm in California and Washington. Jas is good kid but i dont know know why he did the stuff he did. Mr Wong told him that he could only get waiver.
I begged him to try to get Jas cleared for good. He is so sorry for things from the past and come with us to the Gurdwara sometimes. Mr. Wong did the paperwork and they write back and say he no need waiver. Mr Wong was shocked but I was happy. Jas is really happy since he dont need the waiver. Mr. Wong did say there was 10% chance of lifetime clearance. Thank you Mr Wong and we will send everyone to you 100%.

Jas Singh
Jas Singh – May 16, 2017

This client is one of our professional ones and also has a very sensitive case due to his or her employer. This is all that we are allowed to say.
Hi Rick,
Just wanted to let you know that my waiver application for the fraud under $5000 has been approved for 5 years. Applied April 13, 2017 and approved July 31, 2017. Too bad we couldn’t get the permanent clearance but I’m glad I at least got the waiver.
Do I need to take the original with me every time or can I make a copy to show the border agent?”

Jas Singh
L. L. – Sept 11, 2017

Hi Rick,
Well I wanted to let you know that they approved me for a September Letter. They said that my crime was not one that needed a waiver. I was like wow and was shocked. Anyway, thanks for all of your hard work. I don’t mind leaving a testimonial but I just ask that you don’t use my face pic or last name since I don’t want any hassle at the border.

Jas Singh
Surinder Singh – March 11, 2018
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