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Digital Fingerprinting
Digital fingerprinting is required for three reasons. There could be exceptions but the below mentioned grounds are some of the most common ones.
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Civil or non-criminal –
Most of the individuals seeking digital fingerprinting belong to this category. And there is a reason for it. Fingerprinting for civil and non-criminal cases covers a gamut of areas and individuals. Here are some of the compelling reasons for this type of class.
  1. It is mandatory for the federal contractors to submit identification documents which are verified and accredited. This in turn means that the concerned contractors and even federal government employees need to undergo digital fingerprinting test.
  2. Obtaining a visa is yet another area which demands fingerprinting. A police clearance becomes compulsory is such cases.
  3. Applying for permanent residency, citizenship and wanting to adopt a child are some of the other reasons for initiating a fingerprinting task.
These are some of the civil reasons for fingerprinting. Interestingly, fingerprinting offers collateral benefits such as absolute protection from identity theft and at the same time it also offers you a status of a information abiding citizen of the country.
Criminal –
As the name suggests, fingerprinting for this purpose is simply to identify and build a database of criminal records. This includes offenders from a number of categories and penal sections. Once the name enters this digital directory it can only be purged or the record deleted after obtaining a pardon, which once again is a long process.
Digital Fingerprinting
Obtaining pardon / Wavier –

Another non-criminal reason for fingerprinting is to obtain a pardon. However, the U.S border authorities will not accept a Canadian pardon / pardon Canada, and therefore a waiver may be required. A U.S entry waiver too demands submission of digital fingerprints.

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US Entry Waiver 2024 – US Waiver Application for Canadians.

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