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Alien Smuggling

A better life and a great future are some of the compelling temptations people succumb to, which in turn leads them to enter their dream country like the USA illegally. Moreover, illegal alien smugglers are always on the lookout for such gullible individuals and ready to profit on these people. Specifically, these unscrupulous elements charge large amounts of money for illegally smuggling people from their homeland to the United States.

Unfortunately, and sadly several of them are caught in transit and face heavy fines and penalties depending on the circumstances under which the smuggling was initiated. However, the immigration laws are very clear in the U.S. Any person whether on his own or through agent who willfully assists people in entering the United States without proper documents or even helping them in the slightest possible manner, and irrespective of this entity’s connections becomes liable for legal action. The subsequent charges could be as serious as felony and / or deportation.

Section 274 (a) (1) (a) of I.N.A (Immigration and Nationality Act) clearly states that it is a crime to help individuals / groups enter United States without proper documentation. Whether it is a border, port or an airport, smuggling people illegally is a crime and penalties are severe. For example, title 18 has a provision for such individuals — a jail term of up to 10 years. This could also include a stiff fine. Moreover, injury during the transportation could simply increase this sentence to 20 years. There is more. Death during illegal shipping can include life imprisonment sentence.

Deportation, which is one of the punishments means that the concerned individual cannot enter United States. However, a waiver is possible under certain conditions. If you are facing deportation and / or inadmissibility, contact us and we will assess your situation and provide a valid and legal option, in case you are eligible for a waiver. As an individual you should be aware that not everyone can apply for a waiver. Mentioned below are some of the situations -

  • In case you are a citizen of United States and denied entry for reasons other than deportation or expulsion.
  • In case a petition has been filed based on distant / close family relationships or under special category visa.
  • In case the said individual is a close relative of a green card holder.

One needs to understand that humanitarian / relationship reasons are subjective in nature and therefore needs the services of a qualified and experienced professional. In simple terms, if you believe you belong to one of the above categories you can apply for a waiver. It is a lengthy and process which requires a solid dossier / documentation. However, the first step towards an appeal if needed, can be initiated by hiring a specialist, and then collecting as many supporting documents as possible. Remember, the law provides relief to only genuine individuals. Authenticity can only be concluded via relevant documents.

Please also note that Alien Smuggling is a permanent ban to entering the United States. This means that you will likely have to apply for and received an approved
US Entry Waiver every so many years for the rest of your life.

Another concern is that Alien Smugglers often carry weapons to protect themselves from armed U.S. Border Patrol officers during their illegal entry into the United States. There is a chance that the people being smuggle can get injured in the crossfire if there is a gun battle between the smugglers and CBP. These same smugglers can also turn these weapons on the people being smuggled in order to force compliance with whatever task the smuggler is seeking to get completed.