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Canadian Pardon Services – Canada Pardon

Many individuals confuse a “Canadian Pardon / Record Suspension application” with U.S. Entry Waiver. Actually, they are two distinct documents and the process for obtaining the same is also different. So, what exactly are these documents? Moreover, what is the purpose of these official reports? 

In short, a Canadian pardon aka Record Suspension seals the criminal record of the concerned individual from the Canadian government database. However, a U.S. Entry Waiver is a document that allows entry into the United States for a person that has been deemed to be inadmissible by the American government; US Entry Waiver Services helps those persons for Pardon Canada or Canada pardon / record suspension application.

Please see our section on how to get a pardon in BC.

Here are some interesting facts! About Pardon Canada

If you are convicted of a Canadian offence, you could possibly apply for a pardon if you meet the government requirements to do so. Once approved, this will simply seal/remove your record from the Canadian government criminal directory. 

However, in a case where you have been charged but not convicted, you will need to get the file deleted/purged after you meet the requirements. One needs to understand that the record is not automatically canceled or deleted for the most part. The exception to this rule is whether you have obtained a Conditional or Absolute Discharge. 

You must apply with relevant documents and completely follow the application process. Also, note that the application process also includes government fees and departmental charges. We can definitely answer the question of how to get a pardon in BC.

Complex Case Issues

But why do you need a waiver when the Canadian government has purged your criminal record? The answer is the American government does not recognise pardons obtained in Canada. It still maintains its own records, and chances are if you have been pardoned, you may still be denied entry at the border. This is also because the Canadian government will notify the American govt when a Canadian has received an approved pardon / record suspension application. 

However, they will not tell CBP what is your actual conviction or convictions as such. Essentially, this means that the CBP officer will see a message on his screen that you have been issued a Canadian pardon or criminal record removal. However, the message will not list the person’s actual criminal record. Now, this puts you in a bit of a dilemma. You could get charged with Misrepresentation by CBP if give a false declaration regarding your criminal record and history. 

However, you could also get denied entry if you disclose the actual conviction. It is also no defence for you to tell the CBP officer that you have crossed into the USA a dozen or so times before. If anything, this will anger the officer and could unquestionably ensure that the agency will take an even tougher stance against you. This is why we do not push pardons on people like the Ontario discount waiver companies.

There is yet another distinct doubt amongst the affected individuals; the difference between a Canadian Pardon or Pardon Canada and a Record Suspension. Interestingly, people tend to use both names interchangeably.  In March 2012, the conservative government passed legislation changing the name from Canada Pardon to Record Suspension. The said legislature also introduced some new rules and eligibility criteria for getting a Canadian pardon / record suspension application. In fact, it also reframed some of the procedural norms.

Now please note that the official destruction of a criminal arrest record also includes the deletion of photographs, fingerprints, and associated personal information. Canadian Record Suspension or Pardon, therefore, offers a great opportunity to individuals who want to start afresh. With a clean record, individuals can expect better career opportunities, stigma-free life, and more.  We believe that a Canadian Pardon is really not needed by a number of Canadians. It is a waste of time and money unless you critically need it for any of the 3 things below:

  • Obtaining Canadian citizenship
  • Possibly obtaining employment or housing
  • Coaching youth sports teams or working with vulnerable elderly or children 

Our Canadian Pardon, Criminal Record Removal Specialists are highly qualified and professional individuals. They have worked with some of the most reputed and esteemed agencies, and therefore they are highly proficient enough to answer all your pardon-related queries. Please note that it could take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to get a Canadian Pardon / Record Suspension application. Plus, the Canadian gov’t is extremely strict regarding whether they will approve a pardon or not. There is no 100% guarantee that the Canadian govt will issue you a pardon aka Record Suspension. 

Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to discuss your situation. Remember, your conversation and the papers that you submit are highly confidential. Whether you choose to hire our services or not, your details remain a secret and locked in our archives. The data can only be viewed by select, senior members of our agency. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today!

Please also note that all pardon applications are only and completely handled by our department in Alberta! None of our pardon services are handled, processed, or prepared in BC. Also, note that the Canadian govt application fee has been reduced to $50.00.

Additionally, we have made some videos where you can do your own pardon and save money. This even includes not paying us to do your pardon. We offer this as a free public service for the people that want to save money, or are on low income, and cannot afford to hire someone to do their pardon or criminal record removal. Also, note that the Canadian govt application fee has dropped to $50.00. Contact us if you have any questions on how to get a pardon / record suspension application in BC.
US Entry Waiver 2024 – US Waiver Application for Canadians.

Canada Pardon or Canadian Pardon Services

The U.S. Entry Waiver (I-192) application completion form and Canadian Pardon Services offered by us is the best in the industry. Discover how we successfully serve tens of thousands of Canadians and residents each year, providing access to job opportunities, freedom from travel restrictions, peace of mind, and more.

Before submitting your pardon application to the Canadian government for their independent examination and determination, the quality of your application can significantly improve with the help of a reputable and professional service provider. To maximise success, every step of the pardon procedure must be carried out precisely in the right order and with 100% precision. The core of our services is transparency and expertise – Canadian Pardon Services

Canadian Pardon Services

Canadian Pardon Eligibility, Canadian Pardon

Before you can apply for a Record Suspension in Canada, there are important steps you must complete. First, ensure you’ve fulfilled all the requirements of your convictions, including probation, remedial programs, and payment of fines. The waiting period before you can apply for a Record Suspension is either 3, 5, or 10 years, depending on factors such as the date of your first offence and whether it was a summary or indictable offence. For instance, if your first conviction was before March 2012, you may have a 3 or 5-year waiting period.

It’s crucial to note that your waiting period begins only after you’ve fully completed your sentence, including the payment of all fines. The Parole Board of Canada strictly enforces this rule, emphasizing that even a small outstanding fine can delay the start of your waiting period. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure all fines are paid in full before your waiting period begins.

While you may be eager to apply for a Criminal Record Removal as soon as possible, it’s important not to apply before you’re eligible. Applying prematurely can result in a rejected application and further delays in obtaining your pardon Canada. To expedite the process, it’s advisable to start preparing your application at least 12 months before you become eligible. This allows ample time for document preparation and ensures you can submit your application promptly on the day you become eligible.

For all your Canadian Pardon / Record Suspension application, Criminal Record Removal need trust US Entry Waiver Services to provide expert assistance and guidance. Whether you’re seeking information on Canadian pardon eligibility or require assistance with the pardon process itself, US Entry Waiver Services is here to help. With our wealth of experience and knowledge in navigating Canadian pardon laws and regulations, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands. Our dedication to client satisfaction and commitment to achieving favorable outcomes make them the go-to choice for anyone in need of Canadian pardon services or Criminal Record Removal. Contact US Entry Waiver Services today to take the first step towards securing your pardon Canada.

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