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Actually, there is no such thing as a “US Entry Waiver.” This term is one that has been developed by our competitors or persons not familiar with the professional American immigration system of procedural guidelines.

A Section 212(d) (3) waiver (US Entry Waiver) is a broad waiver of a provision that allows applicants for admission as non-immigrants to overcome almost any ground of inadmissibility found in U.S. immigration law. Some  inadmissibility grounds that cannot be overcome by the aforementioned section relate to foreign policy considerations and participation in Nazi persecutions and terrorism.

Of course, it is within the discretion of the Attorney General to grant or deny the waiver. Additional procedures are required for persons who have been deported or overstayed. A relevant U.S. government agency has set forth criteria to be evaluated by the Attorney General in making a discretionary determination under Section 212(d)(3). The aforementioned government agency (per applicable case law) has listed three criteria is listed for determining whether to approve or deny a Section 212(d) (3) waiver:

  1. The risk of harm to society if the applicant is admitted;
  2. The seriousness of the applicant’s prior immigration law, or criminal law, violations, if any;
  3. The reasons for wishing to enter the US.

“The law does not require that such waiver action be limited to exceptional, humanitarian or national interest cases. Thus, while the exercise of discretion and good judgment is essential, generally, applicable U.S. government officers may recommend waivers for any legitimate purpose such as family visits, medical treatment (whether available abroad), business conferences, tourism, etc.” This is probably the #1 most important question in our FAQ’S.

US Entry Waivers come in 6 months to 5 year increments. There have been cases where clients had only received 6 months on their initial waiver. Sometimes, they may come with other restrictions such as registering as a sex offender in the town where you may visit. Section 8 CFR 212.4 (3) (iii), covers the maximum length of time that a Section 212(d) (3) waiver may be valid for. Also, a waiver can be pulled/revoked by C.B.P at the port of entry for reasons that they “deem are valid.”

A Canadian is allowed to visit the USA for up to 6 months(with officer approval). There is also something called “Duration of Status.” This can be a very complex issue for Canadians, so it is better to call us for more info at 1 888 908-3841 or 604 562-8140.

There are multiple reasons why C.B.P can deny your entry to the United States. Virtually all of these reasons can be overcome with whatever relevant method is needed. These methods would be based on C.B.P’s reason for denying your admission.

Of course it could since anything is possible. They can be denied by the A.R.O for any reason. We can say that in nearly twenty,we have only lost 3 cases out of thousands. We can say that in preparing these Section 212(d) (3) waiver cases, we prepare them in such a way that is different from our competition.We know that each case is uniquely different and we address every area that D.H.S would look at in an attempt to find a reason for a denial. We also understand that when D.H.S adjudicates these waiver applications, they access other databases to obtain further information. We also have that area covered and ensure that every area that they could possibly examine would leave them with nothing that they can use against you.Hence, when we do a case, it will take longer to prepare and may cost more than our competitors. We are big believers of quality control and will painstakingly sit down with you and examine each and every area to ensure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.In our opinion, what counts in the end is the fact that you have won and will continually win in the future! Our method of success also applies to other border crossing issues! Plus always remember that there is no such thing as a us entry waiver renewal. CBP states that every waiver application will be looked upon as a new application.It does not matter if you already had 3 or 300 waiver applications previously approved in the past.
Initially, we will sit down with you to get the specifics of your case and the inadmissibility reason. Depending on the circumstances, we may then give your our specialized list of items to obtain for your packet. We may have to obtain other data from relevant U.S. government sources for your case.Your inadmissibility may also arise from other data in their systems that don’t involve criminality. We can get this data, interpret it and analyze the applicability to your case. This is done in our back office and around the round table. ​
You must submit waiver packets in person at an accepting port of entry (border). When your package is ready, we will have you come into the office and go over the specifics with you. In a show of support, we may even accompany you to the border when you are ready to file (at no charge).

Currently, the government fee is $1100.00 USD for the I-192 waiver application as of 1 April 2024.

OK, sit down for a minute. It sounds like you went to a “discount waiver company.” Steer clear of these people since they often do shoddy work and then disappear with your money. Also, there is no such thing as “standard or expedited processing.” This is simply a marketing tool that is used by our competitors to get your money. They make you believe that they can expedite the processing with the U.S. government. The individual company may have their own internal policies regarding time periods preparing your case.

However, this “standard/expedited processing” has nothing to do with the U.S. government. Note that if you don’t believe us, you are welcomed to call the border and ask them about “standard or expedited processing.” We will even make the call for you, pass you the telephone and let you ask CBP directly!

If there was such a service, then we would offer it to you! Once your packet is submitted at the port of entry, they submit it to the Admissibly Review Office in Herndon Virginia. Once the ARO receives it, they determine how long they need to adjudicate. Again, there is absolutely no such thing as standard or expedited processing.

We will not offer you the option of “standard or expedited processing,” since such a thing does not exist! We run our platform on brute honesty! Also, sometimes, DHS will write back and ask for further information or clarification on your waiver application (RFE). Sometimes, they may even ask you to submit to a drug assessment by the U.S. immigration panel physician. These RFE’s can be tricky and we will assist you in completing this task.

Again, this is what happens when you use discount waiver companies. This statement is not correct. We have already told you that not every crime will require a us entry waiver! Initially, our goal will always screen your offence(s) to see if you qualify for the

This is whether this is your first time applying or the fact that you have already had waivers for years. We try to save you from future legal expenses by getting you out of needing a waiver if you qualify.

Monthly payments can be set up and approved at the discretion of the administrator. We will work with someone who needs help and is genuinely short of funds. We will develop a payment plan that is satisfactory to the client and the administrator. We also accept cash, credit cards, money orders and bank cheques. Personal cheques are subject to approval from the administrator. This is another important question in our FAQ’S.

Our staff members are very professional and intelligent. They are former members of military, law enforcement and other government agencies. We also formerly worked with various law firms and designed an effective legal case strategy to help them win their cases. We are here to provide a service to you.One thing that you can expect from our staff members is brutal honesty. We will not tell you what you want to hear just to collect a fee or anything. We strive to provide a top quality professional service. We work with you down to the finest detail. We also do not charge you any fees for telephone calls, postage or shipping.We personalize each and every case and understand that people have different needs and wants. You are not simply a number! We quote you a flat fee and absolutely will not exceed that for any reason. We have hundreds of satisfied clients that we have signed up on only a handshake.You can compare our business to an analogy of the medical profession. Our competitors may be considered “General Practitioners” of the waiver and pardon business. We are considered the “Specialist” of us immigration border crossing law, denied entry issues, case research, us entry waivers and the pardon business.We have other office locations in the lower mainland and certain clients will qualify for home visits. We come to meet them at their location (no extra charge). ​
It is a document issued by the government of Canada that deems you “rehabilitated/forgiven” for your criminal offence. After receiving this, you should be mostly cleared from Canadian criminal databases.Your data may or may not still show up in select law enforcement databases (such as the gang task force). This information and database is shared with the U.S. government. Also, a Record Suspension will not remove your data from the U.S. Government. Note that there is indeed a procedure to get incorrect data removed from the American system!
If you have been thru the criminal justice system then you already know the answer to this question.
The arrest would likely still show up in the RCMP database and this data would have to be purged. This also applies to charges that were stayed, dismissed or withdrawn. Note that purging an arrest is subject to the approval of the arresting police agency. Essentially, it is not guaranteed!
This will depend on your offence(s) and other factors.
Yes. The National Parole Board has the sole discretion.
This will depend on the relevant laws of that nation. We understand that England and Australia can be very difficult to enter with a criminal record!

Well…This is a very interesting topic. Some lawyers market a “service” where they say they will “fight” for you at the border. According to CBP policy, lawyers technically cannot “represent” you(or even allowed) at a port of entry(except immigration court removal proceedings).

The CBP officers may or may not even allow the lawyer to stay(except immigration court removal proceedings). Again, minus immigration court removal proceedings, you really don’t need to take a lawyer with you since CBP can clearly “Instruct” him or her to simply sit down and remain silent. CBP can then take you into the back room for further questioning and the lawyer cannot do anything about it. He cannot even accompany you into the back room. So what purpose does he really serve? Actually nothing. Do not fall for lawyers implying or stating that you need them with you at the border.

If you do not believe us, feel free to call the border and ask them if you can bring your lawyer with you to represent you at the border. Their number is (360) 332-8511. As well, not every us immigration lawyer is even competent or knowledgeable in these cases. We have seen our share of bad U.S. Immigration lawyers and consultants in Washington State and Canada! We are steadily updating the list!

Now we will be offering a service in the fall of 2018 where we pick you up and take you to the border and wait with you there. The main purpose is to answer any questions that CBP may ask us in regards to how you packet was prepared. The other purpose is to offer you moral support.

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