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The above-mentioned offences are varied and carry different sentences. We have the experience and can help you with these issues. If you are genuinely looking to obtain a us entry waiver come to us. Please note there are certain government fees and charges that individuals have to pay directly to the American government themselves. We cannot include these fees with our fee. 

Please note that when we refer to these cases as “easier cases,” we mean they are less challenging for us to navigate. It’s important to note that Homeland Security doesn’t make anything straightforward. Fortunately, by hiring a US Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst with expertise in studying these waiver cases for criminal record removal, we can effectively compile a waiver packet that stands a good chance of receiving a favorable judgment from CBP.

CBP has its own criteria regarding areas of inadmissibility that it will focus on. The average person is shocked when they discover what is a priority for CBP and what is not. We often clear a lot of violent crime offences in our daily workday. There are many reasons for this and why they are less challenging for us us for criminal record removal. Again, a lot of it is because of the law enforcement work that we previously did in the USA. We understand the complexities of the various law enforcement databases and how they are used and linked together.

This is also another reason why discount waiver companies and lawyers often get their cases denied. It is simply because they are looking at a waiver application on their screens and do not understand the meaning and various references behind the questions on us entry waiver applications. There are various reasons why the questions are worded as such and they have a point of reference in the various federal codes. 

Contact us for Criminal Record Removal service and get free from Criminal record today .

US Entry Waiver 2024 – US Waiver Application for Canadians.

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