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PPT Waiver For Trafficking

Getting a US Entry Waiver For Drug Trafficking is needed since this one of the major areas of inadmissibility. It is listed at the top on the U.S. Department of State website and falls under “Crimes of Moral Turpitude”.

So, what does it mean and what are the repercussions? Well, it includes crimes like trafficking (drugs and human), possession of controlled drugs, money laundering, etc. As far as the fallout is concerned it is a lot of major work to obtain a us entry waiver for these offences. 

Individuals need to understand that the convictions in the above mentioned crime categories are frowned upon by CBP. Fortunately, we have the experience to help you resolve getting your waiver if you have a PPT conviction..

The US government took a say no to drug stances back in the 1980’s. Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs resulted in the fact that American prisons and jails soon became over crowded. A large number of these people were arrested for drug related offences. CBP can take a hard stance on drug related convictions. They can especially be hard on trafficking. 

However, you do not necessarily have to have a drug “conviction” to be denied entry to the USA for drug trafficking. You will definitely need a US Entry Waiver for this crime. Fortunately, we have the CBP adjudication material and manuals that the use to adjudicate these cases. They look for certain criteria before they will approve an US Entry Waiver and especially one for drug trafficking

They can also deny you entry on a trafficking charge where it has been stayed or dismissed. This is based on how the various federal codes are written and interpreted by CBP. However, there are still ways that can to used to show where you may not necessarily need a US Entry waiver for a PPT offence that was stayed or dismissed.

This is an area where we clearly excel since we previously enforced these same laws in the United States. These cases were very high profile for American govt prosecuting counsel. There were many procedures that absolutely had to be adhered to during an investigation. If not, we were told that there was a very good chance that the “suspect” could walk free. 

The advantage that we have is that we use the same play book when we prepare your US Entry Waiver for PPT. This process works well being reversed in the opposite direction. As a result, our client will get his PPT waiver approved. This is also based on the fact that the client has unquestionably been rehabilitated if convicted or innocent if he/she were not convicted. 

Again, this can be a very tricky situation that has to be approached a special kind of way. competitors to include lawyers and discount waiver companies will not know how to handle this situation. This means that they may end up getting you to be deemed inadmissible to the USA and require a US Entry Waiver. 

Now, we are not going to going to too much on these cases since they are our bread and butter. They absolutely must be prepared a certain way or they will definitely get denied. The lawyers and discount waiver companies apparently do not know how to prepare these cases. 

Fortunately, we have special experience in this area since we used to be law enforcement officers in Washington State. We can view these cases from the same eyes as CBP. Contact us so that we can get you cleared to enter the USA

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PPT Waiver for Trafficking
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