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Our Service Guarantee

Our Service Guarantee

The Immigration law business is actually much more than a money-making venture as it involves great dreams and the future of an individual. In some cases, it could even involve an entire family. In many cases it is a matter of serious concern, and therefore we at US Entry Waiver Services not only offer the permanent clearance on qualifying cases but also extend our 100% assurance policy. When it comes to resolving U.S. border crossing issues such as at the Surrey border crossing, we are second to none. Once we agree to your entry waiver case, we shift into top gear generating and collecting the relevant information from your end as well as from the government agencies. Some of the services which typically fall under this category are -

1. Preparing letters of reference. The number could be anywhere between 2 to 100 which are drafted for signature by your friends. These documents will play a critical role in getting a waiver.

2. A letter of explanation from your end which clearly defines the reason/s for the said application or inadmissibility.

3. Consolidate documents and files littered around, especially in various courts.

4. Research is another area which needs intense focus. We assess your case thoroughly before opting to take up the same. Post assessment we look at the reasons for denial and the sections under which you have been charged.

5. Cover letter is the face of your submission. We create a compelling introduction which fetches instant attention on why you are a great person.

6. Finally, we create a powerful presentation showing why you are considered rehabilitated and should be approved for a waiver.

However, we expect you to participate in this process by initiating and accomplishing the following tasks.

Digital Fingerprints.

Provide proof of income.

Complete the questionnaires that we email you and email them back to us (info needed for your waiver packet & Reference Letters).

Pay our fee.

Take your packet to our border that we deal with or whatever border that works best for you.

If the question of “How to get a pardon in BC” is troubling you, we strongly suggest you contact us. 100% assurance guaranteed for qualifying individuals who are seeking a pardon or denial entry reversal for the first time. This simply means you either get a permanent clearance or a 5 year US entry waiver. There is more. In case you are offered 1, 2, 3 or 4 year waiver we will prepare the subsequent waiver at no extra cost.

Call for legal clarity on queries such as Fast immigration Surrey and How much is a pardon in Ontario. As mentioned above we are very well-renowned Immigration Law Intelligence Analysts that specialize in resolving U.S. border crossing issues. This includes dealing with reversing a US entry waiver denial with a distinct service-oriented approach to all the cases. It is this confidence which allows us to refund 50% fees in case of 100% complete denial for qualifying cases. Please note that this feature is applicable to cases where 100% fees have been paid.

At US Entry Waiver Services, we treat each individual as a friend and not just as a client. We are aware of the stakes involved, and hence we connect emotionally. At the same time we are transparent in our deals. It means you will never go overboard with your budget.