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Complex Case Issues – Difficult U.S. Immigration Violations & Criminal Convictions

Some Complex Case Issues Can Indeed Be Very Complicated, But We Are Here To Help Since We Unquestionably Excel In This Area! Are you dealing with complex case issues that resulted in you having a U.S. immigration violation or us entry waiver needed because of a relevant criminal conviction? Are you looking for someone who can help you navigate the system and get the outcome you want? We’re here to help!

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the federal law enforcement agency responsible for investigating, arresting, and detaining individuals who violate U.S. immigration laws. ICE sometimes works with local law enforcement to find and detain undocumented immigrants in the United States, as well as those who have overstayed their visas, entered illegally, or was ordered removed by an immigration judge. 

The agency has its headquarters in Washington DC, but it also has offices around the country. ICE also operates detention centres where illegal immigrants can be held until they are deported back to their home country or placed in a prison system depending on their criminal record and other information such as their age, gender, health conditions, etc.

ICE may not have a presence in every state or territory of the United States, but its agents can be present in any state or territory that has designated areas of operation, where they can carry out investigations and arrests related to violations of immigration law.

The agency’s mission is to maintain the integrity of our nation’s borders through the civil detention of removable aliens and the removal of others who are unlawfully present in the country. If you have been charged with a criminal or immigration offence, you should know that your arrest, detention, or conviction could impact your ability to travel inside or even enter the United States.

It is important that you understand your rights and obligations as an undocumented immigrant in the United States.  For starters, there are consequences for violating immigration laws. If you are convicted of a crime or if you received certain other types of non-violent convictions, The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may be able to place a hold on your release from prison. 

The uncertainty is the fact that some local American jurisdictions will refuse to cooperate with ICE. However, you must then turn yourself over to ICE before or after being released on Parole or supervised release.

If you have been charged with a U.S. immigration law violation, you want to ensure that you know exactly what you’re facing and what options for relief are available to you. This can be an extremely frightening experience for anyone.

However, we know and understand that the legal system is complicated and intimidating. We have years of experience helping clients navigate their way through this US entry waiver process.

There are often many complex case issues surrounding the violations below. This can get very complicated regarding obtaining your US Entry Waiver. Below are some examples of common violations of U.S. immigration law: 

1. Admitting Marijuana Smoking or drug use to CBP at the border(likely waiver only and often very difficult, timely and costly)

2. Alien Smuggling
3. Bribery

4. Cat Fishing Romantic Partners/Adultery

5. Child Pornography

6. Child Rape/Molestation

7. Drug Trafficking (Tough under the Trump administration and these cases have to be prepared a certain kind of way)**

8. Escorting

9. False Claims to U.S. Citizenship
10. Perjury
11. US Immigration Violations
12. Sexual Crimes **

13. Sexual Assaults (Not involving intercourse)**

The above-mentioned offences are varied and carry different sentences. The problem with these complex case issues is that CBP tends to be very hard on these types of violations. A lot of it is due to the political climate that will exist in the Whitehouse depending on whom is the current president. Prostitution is one of the offences that the American government has a hard time dealing with and accepting. This goes back to both the religious background and conservative beliefs of a number of older Americans in positions of power within the U.S. federal government. Some Americans will still try to shame the women that are involved in this line of work. Prostitution has its own set of complex case issues in waiver situations. 

However, there is nothing wrong with what a woman voluntarily does with her own body. Sexual assault is another offence that can be either tricky or challenging to clear with us entry waiver. This is because there are many forms of sexual assault and may even include things that some people may label as minor. Overstaying offences can be a lot of work since it is often difficult providing proof that the person did not overstay and other things. Complex case issues such as these previously mentioned can be a headache to resolve.

The Expedited Removal and 5-year ban issue can be a tremendous amount of work to get cleared with us entry waiver. This is because these people often have an unfavourable history with CBP. You can get a 5-year ban for false statements or being an immigrant without a visa or both. These will also fall under the category of being a possible intending immigrant without a visa or an immigrant using false information to gain entry to the United States. This could also apply to false information that you listed in an old visa application with the American government. 

Another factor is that these people often do not have the financial resources to adequately fight these cases. They also are the least likely to have any criminal history and this is shockingly unfavourable and a possible disadvantage. 

This is because they will less likely to possess street knowledge regarding dealing with law enforcement and will voluntarily and unknowingly admit to things that will unquestionably be used against them. This often results in them being less savvy and easy prey for CBP officers looking to ensure that they are keeping up their stats on arrests, seizures and detentions. This will unquestionably place them under the complex case issues category.

People especially do not understand the severity of working without visa violations as listed under the U.S. Immigration Nationality Act. An example is that some people foolishly think that they are not considered to be working in the USA if they only receive financial tips for performing comedy shows in a Las Vegas nightclub. This is still categorized as work by CBP and they use an extremely stringent test to determine if a person has unlawfully worked in the United States. 

Additionally, it can be challenging since the client has often worked illegally in the USA for an extended period of time before getting caught by CBP. The average person, lawyers and discount waiver companies will not see these as complex issues and they may definitely pose a challenge depending on the situation. However, we have vast experience and can help you with these issues and get you approved for your us entry waiver. 

If you are genuinely looking to obtain a waiver come to us so that we can resolve this complex case issue. We are a full-service organization that prides itself on providing excellent service to people tied into dealing with violations of U.S. immigration laws, whether it be for violating the terms of a visa, overstaying your visa or illegal entry into the United States without inspection.


The US Entry Waiver Services team is ready to help with complex case issues, including difficult U.S. immigration violations and criminal convictions. We have the experience and expertise you need, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your situation is handled as effectively as possible.

We know that these USA border crossing problems can get complicated, but we also know that the last thing you want is to be stuck in bureaucratic limbo while you wait to get cleared to enter the United States. However, we’ve worked with a wide range of clients, including individuals who have been denied entry to the country and those who have been convicted of crimes that would prevent them from entering the United States. 

Our team has extensive experience in all types of cases, ensuring that our client’s needs are met while keeping their interests at heart. We work tirelessly to ensure that your waiver case moves forward as quickly as possible by:

– Dedicating our entire team to your case

– Managing every aspect of your case from beginning to end to ensure that it goes smoothly

– Helping you understand how your USA border situation affects not just your life but perhaps the lives of those around you such as family members

– Treating every client in a non-judgmental way with dignity and respect 

It’s not easy trying to navigate the American immigration system, but we’re here for you. Our team of US Entry Waiver Examiners are ready to help with any complex case issues. This includes difficult U.S. immigration violations and criminal convictions. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your situation is handled as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

We’ll go above and beyond to make sure that you receive satisfaction in your waiver case. Again, this is regardless of whether it’s a complicated U.S. immigration violation or criminal record that needs to be sorted out. 

We’ve helped clients with a wide range of complicated cases, including:

-Inadmissibility based on past criminal convictions

-Inadmissibility due to past immigration violations

-A naturalized citizen who’s been convicted of a felony in their home country

-A client who was denied U.S. citizenship because he had been convicted of having a fake marriage in the USA

We help individuals in a variety of cases with U.S. immigration violations and criminal convictions. If you have difficulty entering or re-entering the United States, we can help you through the process of waiver application and approval. 

Our team can provide a full range of services to help you achieve your goals: from case management to us entry waiver approval. Our analysts are experienced in navigating complex USA border crossing issues and can ensure that your best interests are served by developing strategies that will help you achieve success while respecting your rights.

Our services include:

  • Case Consultation
  • Case Preparation
  • Application review and corporate approval
  • Evaluation of supporting documentation (if necessary)
  • Document Translation (if necessary)

Our mission is simple: to put our clients first by providing them with only the best possible service available in this area of border crossing issues. Our team works tirelessly to provide you with the resources and support you need to make informed decisions about your case on your own terms and factor in the applicable complex case issues.

Please note there are certain government fees and charges that individuals have to pay directly to the American government themselves. We cannot include these fees with our fee for a number of reasons. 

Call us now so that we can get you cleared to enter the USA.

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