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How To Get a Pardon In BC

Do you have a Canadian criminal conviction? Do you have a criminal record? Do you want freedom? Do you want to know how much is a pardon in Ontario? You are not alone. We can prepare and submit your Canada Criminal Pardon aka Record Suspension for you. Some people even call it a criminal record pardon.

Here are some basic facts about a Record Suspension:

If you’ve been found guilty of a criminal offence, you have a criminal record. Criminal records are not automatically removed. You must apply under the Criminal Records Act of Canada for a Record Suspension. Note that there are different rules for Absolute and Conditional Discharges since some of these items will automatically get removed by the Canadian government.

A pardon allows people who were convicted, but have rehabilitated themselves since their conviction, to have their criminal record kept ‘separate and apart’ from other criminal records. Also, the basic pardon eligibility requirements are listed below:

Canada Pardon Waiting Period


Once we obtain all of the necessary information, we will petition the Parole Board of Canada. Currently, the process can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years and varies depending on the RCMP and the workload of the Parole Board. Note that this information only covers the basics of how to get a pardon in BC.

Absolutely no one can speed up the Canada criminal pardon or us entry waiver process. Don’t let the competition fool you otherwise and there is absolutely no such thing as an expedited pardon or expedited waiver. Also, part of the pardon process is a section called the Local Police Check. This is where your local RCMP detachment has to complete the local police check form that you will provide. We mention this form because this is where some pardon applications get stuck. This form allows the local police to record any incidents that you were involved in that did not result in a conviction. 

This means that the parole board will see this information and may ask you to clarify the events. You run the risk of getting your pardon denied if the Canadian govt is not happy with your explanation. This is because the board has to feel and believe that you are rehabilitated and possess “good moral character.” There is a high likelihood that you will run into problems if they feel the opposite. 

We have seen pardons denied because of this issue. You can always reapply but the board may put a time limit regarding when you may submit a new application. Specifically, they could put you on a 1-year ban prohibiting you from refiling until such a time period has expired. 

Contact us so that we can get your pardon approved or if you have any questions on how to get a pardon in BC. Also, please note that all of our pardon applications are processed in Alberta only. 

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How to get a pardon in BC
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