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5 Year Ban From Entering The USA

What is The 5 Year Ban From Entering The USA?

One of the unfortunate backlashes of increased national security concerns around the globe and especially along the U.S.-Canadian border is the refusal by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to deny entry to inadmissible aliens. Some of these people are subsequently issued a 5-year ban from entering the USA by CBP.

An Expedited Removal and 5-year ban from entering the USA, is an on-the-spot deportation which is a form of instant refusal where the decision is instantly taken by C.B.P. The authority used by CBP to issue you the 5-year ban from entering the USA is under INA 235(b)(1)(A)(i).

There have been stories where this agency has issued the Expedited Removal 5-year ban from entering the USA for people that had offences such as not having a Canadian residence or Canadian employment. However, some people have received these bans for making false statements and trying to gain entry into the USA.

People who have had no issues in the past, and crossed the border without trouble, have suddenly been labeled as inadmissible. This is also because CBP can bar these people for violations such as previously using false information on a prior USA visitor visa application.

If you are one of those individuals then the chances are it could be that CBP has finally discovered that you previously used false information in anything regarding your prior entry at the border. As mentioned earlier, increased security has led to an increased number of random criminal checks at the various CBP border stations aka a CBP Federal Inspection Station.

So, if you have previously enjoyed hassle-free cross-border travel in spite of having a criminal record, think again. You may not enjoy the same fate in the future since CBP is constantly updating its databases and computer systems. They also have the ability to view the contents of any prior USA visitor applications that you have previously filed when you were a Canadian Permanent Resident.

So let’s give you an example of an expedited removal case. Let’s say that you fled India in 1988 and filed an asylum claim in the USA by using a fake name or false passport. Then you married a young woman from Surrey BC while your claim was still pending in the USA.

You then received your Canadian Permanent Residence and moved to Surrey, BC. Your claim got denied because the USCIS discovered that you had used false information. However, you had already departed the United States and did not notify USCIS.

You had since then become a Canadian citizen and had successfully crossed the border 3 dozen times without incident since CBP had not discovered what you had previously done. One day a brand new rookie CBP officer sends you to a secondary inspection. He checks closer and asks you if you had ever used the name, Sukhwinder Singh.

You reply in the negative but he discovers that this is a false statement under 212(a)(6)(C)(i)He then obtains supervisory concurrence to issue you the Expedited Removal and 5-year ban from entering the USA. 

Again, An Expedited Removal and a 5-year ban from entering the USA, is an on-the-spot deportation which is a form of instant refusal where the decision is instantly taken by the C.B.P. 

People facing expedited removal and the 5-year ban from entering the USA do not have the right to a lawyer or an immigration judge. The C.B.P. supervisor is essentially their judge, jury, and Executioner!

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5 year ban from entering the USA
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