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Getting your fingerprints taken should definitely not be a taboo subject to anyone. Some people cringe when they are told that they have to provide their fingerprints to the government. 

Getting your prints captured in the coming years will become a standard practice in the security space. It is an essential step for a conclusive background check and vulnerable sector checks in Canada. So you should learn fingerprinting basics.

Fingerprinting basics is the process of taking an impression of your fingerprints and comparing them to a database of known prints. Fingerprints have been used for identification purposes for many years now and will continue to be used for generations to come. This helps to confirm your identity, as well as determine if you have a criminal record or other information on file. 

In Canada, fingerprinting is used for:

  • Employment purposes (security checks)
  • Immigration purposes (landed immigrant status)
  • Vulnerable sector checks

Incidentally, the process is initiated through RCMP Civil Fingerprint Division in Ottawa, popularly called the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS). The fingerprints are then sent to CPIC or the Canadian Police Information Centre. It is here these submitted digital impressions are matched and verified for a number of reasons.

CPIC is one of the computer systems which offers law enforcement agencies an integrated database of records.

As a rule of thumb and part of fingerprinting basics, this database contains criminal records registered at the national level. If your name doesn’t appear on the system, it could mean that you have a clean background. 

The idea behind CPIC is to make sure all Canadian law enforcement agencies have access to a single source of information about suspects, criminals, alleged criminals, and other people that may be under investigation. 

Also, please note that some American law enforcement agencies to include the U.S. Customs and Border Protection have access to this database. This is based on certain reciprocal agreements and treaties between the United States and Canada.

However, at the local level you might still have a negative file depending on the seriousness of the event/s which might have occurred in your life. In a way understanding fingerprinting basics is good for those who would like to know their standing with CPIC.

It also makes sense because you can then agree for a background check wholeheartedly which actually falls under non-criminal / civil information retrieval category.

Fingerprinting Basics

We have an associate that provides fingerprinting basics service in your area and at times even at your place (Home & Office). These days CCRTIS does not accept non-digital impressions. It simply means finger printing is done via electronic machine which is then sent to the relevant authority for identification / verification.

You can rest assured that our team will be there with you every step of the way, making sure everything goes smoothly and without any problems. We will provide critical guidance on how to get started and answer any questions you may have along the way regarding fingerprinting basics.

One also needs to understand that fingerprinting basics is of utmost importance when it comes to hiring people / individuals for sensitive industries, especially where children and teens below the age of 18 years are involved. This is because the people who work in these fields are often under 18 years old, and the processes they go through can be extremely traumatic for them. These people need to be protected from outside influences, especially if they’ve have already experienced abuse at home or in their community. 

There’s also the issue of false identification being used by those who want to get into these industries but are not qualified. We especially do not want anyone getting into these industries if they are not qualified. So, it is better for us to catch that problem early on!

Many organizations these days require people to get a criminal or vulnerable sector check done. The reason being is that even if there are certain requirements set by the organization or employer, these may not have been followed by the person submitting them. In some cases, this could be an indication that there has been a lapse in judgment on their part which could lead to some negative consequences. It’s important for organizations or employers to ensure that they have all the necessary documents in place so as to avoid any situation arising from its absence. 

This not only offers a sense of confidence but makes sure that no untoward mishap occurs in the future. Non-profit organizations, NGO’s and sensitive workplaces typically look out for a way to verify the credentials of prospective employees. Fingerprinting basics offers them a perfect platform to accomplish that chore. This is also why people need to understand fingerprinting basics.

Foreign travel and name change are some of the other common reasons for assessing fingerprinting services. 

If you are planning to travel overseas and need to take a trip out of the country, then it is important that you get your fingerprints taken at a place where you can receive them quickly. This will ensure that you do not have any issues when crossing borders with your passport and visa in hand. If you are planning to change your name, then this is also something that should be assessed before any changes are made in order to make sure that everything is done properly.

As mentioned above fingerprinting is here to stay, and with the passage of time it will become the de facto way of verifying the identity of citizens. The need for fingerprinting has been increasing over the past few years due to several reasons:

– It offers better security than any other form of identification

– It helps in tracing criminals and terrorists with ease

– It can help identify people who have lost fingers or toes due to accidents or diseases

– It is more reliable than any other form of identification

– It has no age or gender limitations 

Give us a call or send us an email if you need fingerprinting services done.

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Foundational Understanding: Fingerprinting Basics

Fingerprinting basics involve the collection and analysis of unique patterns on an individual’s fingertips. This method is widely used for identification and forensic purposes. The process includes rolling the fingertips on an ink pad or using electronic scanners to capture digital impressions. Fingerprint analysis relies on ridge patterns, loops, and whorls to create a distinct record. These prints are highly reliable and widely accepted for various applications, including background checks, criminal investigations, and personal identification.

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