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September Letter/Permanent Clearance

Did you know that not every offence will even require a us entry waiver? The Dept of Homeland Security came into effect in March 2003. During the transition, there was a lot of confusion regarding getting new officers trained. Even now, you often will get a different answer to the same question from different officers.

Unfortunately for you, you won’t know whom you will get. Some convictions or immigration violations do not even require a waiver. Your waiver application can be prepared with certain supplements added in that can show why you do not need a waiver. The supplements list is extremely extensive and cannot be covered in this material. 

Our expertise and experience in this field position us to potentially help you attain this objective. The key factor is our access to the necessary resources, making the achievement of this goal feasible. It’s crucial to understand that success hinges on a case-by-case assessment of whether this approach will be effective for your particular situation.

A September letter referred as a letter from the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is a document indicating that you do not require a US Entry Waiver to enter the United States. In cases where individuals have a criminal record, they may face inadmissibility to the United States, which means they may be denied entry. However, a US Entry Waiver serves as a document that grants permission for individuals with specific types of offences to overcome this inadmissibility and enter the United States legally. Therefore, receiving a September letter from DHS signifies that you are not required to obtain a US Entry Waiver for entry into the United States, thus simplifying the process for those who may have previously faced barriers due to their criminal record.

Apparently, the other competitors do not know how to obtain these September Letter since they do not have access to this material. Contact us to see if you qualify. 

US Entry Waiver 2024 – US Waiver Application for Canadians. 

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