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September Letter/Permanent Clearance

Permanent Clearance / September Letter

Did you know that not every offence will even require a us entry waiver? The Dept of Homeland Security came into effect March of 2003. During the transition, there was a lot of confusion regarding getting new officers trained. Even now, you often will get a different answer to the same question from different officers.

Unfortunately for you, you won't know whom you will get. Some convictions or immigration information violations do not even require a waiver. Sometimes we have to prepare your waiver packet to show why your offence does not require a us entry waiver. This is done by adding supplements, other items and doing a written presentation to show why you may not need a us entry waiver. The intent is to obtain you a September Letter. Note that this is done because the border may mistakenly tell you that you need a waiver, even though they might be wrong.

Our Permanent Clearance market is based on the fact that some CBP officers and the ARO do not know whether your offence requires a waiver. Some mistakenly tell you that you need a waiver and they are actually wrong. Essentially, If you qualify, we can show on paper why your offence does not need a us entry waiver. If the headquarters agrees(or the local border), then they will issue you the permanent clearance or clear you may locally clear you in the TECS database system. Note that we only use certain borders where we are well known and respected by the officers.

If the ARO disagrees, then they will just issue you the waiver. Note that we usually can tell you within 5 minutes if you will qualify for this form of relief or not. If you don't qualify, then you have the option to either use us or a discount waiver company to process your waiver application.

Please note that we get a lot of requests for the September Letter. Also, please note that offences that tend to be more on the abhorrent/nefarious side are much easier for us to get the permanent clearances. We don't want to give a complete list here since our competitors constantly scrutinize our page looking for ways to increase their revenue, or trying to figure out how to duplicate this service. Some Theft and Fraud offences may or may not qualify. The lower your offence is on the food chain the more likely you won't qualify for the permanent clearance. The more serious that it is, the better the chance that you will qualify. Note that we don't post every single September Letter that we get because we don't want competitors getting ideas on our business model. An example is that we recently got one for a USA Cocaine possession offence.

If you don't qualify for the September Letter, then you will only get a waiver. We are getting a lot of hate from competitors on this since they do not know how to do it. We know how to do it for certain legal reasons that we will tell you if you retain us.

Per this date(6 Aug 18), we are still waiting to see if our client got one on his Manslaughter case. We will let you know if we can successfully add that one to the list.

We will be the first ones that will tell you that "Permanent Waivers" were discontinued on or about April 1998 and are no longer issued. They are still valid if you have the old Border Crossing Cards(BCC). However, there are methods to show why certain convictions can be permanently cleared to show that your offence does not require a waiver. It can be cleared with the September Letter.

An example is let's say that you got a permanent clearance (September Letter) for a certain offence. You are permanently cleared for that "said offence." However, you could still lose it if they discover that you have committed a separate offence that would not qualify for a September Letter. Please note that this does not happen to our clients. We only use the term "permanent waiver," because it is easier for people to remember this as opposed to "September Letter." We do not post samples here due to competitors constantly trying to obtain information on how to obtain these letters. However, we can either have you come to the Surrey BC office and show you them or do a Skype conference call and show you them. In this way, it protects our advantage over competitors and still allows you to see the actual product.

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Permanent Clearance / September Letter
Permanent Clearance / September Letter
Permanent Clearance / September Letter
Permanent Clearance / September Letter