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US Entry Waiver Filing Procedures

A us entry waiver form I-192 and supplements must be filed either electronically using E-Safe, or in-person at select U.S. Borders. Either way, C.B.P will collect the fee, take your fingerprints and review the application. Always bring your Canadian passport when you come to the border. 

You are also required to submit specific supporting documents with your application. C.B.P will refuse to accept your application if it is missing specific documents. Currently, the government fee is $585usd and it must always be paid per application. However, please note that some waiver applications have a USA govt fee of 930usd.

The Admissibility Review Office (“A.R.O.”).

The A.R.O., which is located in the Arlington, Virginia, is part of C.B.P. Since 2007, it has been the sole agency charged with adjudicating waiver applications.

The D.H.S. changed the location from where they had been formerly adjudicated(Sweetgrass Montana).

US Entry Waiver

Specifically, there had been numerous internal adjudication problems at that particular border with the cases. The A.R.O has the discretion to grant or deny your waiver application. They must adjudicate your application pursuant to specific legal guidelines and the Board of Immigration Appeals case: Matter of Hranka (April 6, 1978).

In that case, the B.I.A. set forth three (3) factors that must be weighed together in deciding whether or not to grant a us entry waiver application:

In order to present the strongest us entry waiver case, our Immigration Law Intelligence Analysts have put together a comprehensive application package using our own specially designed checklist. It is always our job to prepare and make the best possible case presentation to CBP based on your specific circumstances. You will note that not every waiver case is the same. 

Specifically, each case is prepared/tailored to your individual needs. An example is that a case for Sexual Assault is prepared/approached differently, as opposed to one like Armed Robbery. CBP will use differing adjudication standards per the criminal conviction(s). The showing of certain rehabilitative techniques is critical in whatever border crossing us entry waiver case that is presented to CBP.

Discount Waiver Companies don’t understand this and usually prepare every case the same exact way. We feel that this is foolish since it only hurts the success of your case. Obviously, CBP will look at a case like Child Molestation differently as opposed to something like stealing a Chocolate Bar from London Drugs. You also waste your money doing it this way since you pay with your hard earned dollars in this challenging economy.

We are different because we prepare an actual waiver presentation case to CBP for your us entry waiver case. We also differ because we used to enforce these same federal and state laws when we formerly worked as law enforcement officers for the American system in a federal and state law enforcement capacity. We may add certain case specific supplements that will strengthen your case. We want to ensure that you are always approved for either a Permanent Clearance or 5 Year Waiver. 

We also get an inside perspective on waiver cases from our associates/affiliates that have formerly worked for CBP and other USA government agencies. Our job is to also aggressively work for you on your behalf to ensure that you are the winner. We only work for you and not CBP.

Always ensure that the person doing your us entry waiver application has enough experience and is qualified to do the work. This applies to anyone doing your us waiver case. Just because someone is a lawyer does not necessarily guarantee that they know what they are doing. Talk to the person and you will know if they indeed know what they are talking about or not. Follow your gut instinct!
See the sample us entry waiver below:
US Entry Waiver Processing Times

Please also note that C.B.P can take as long as they want regarding adjudicating your us entry waiver application. It is a complete myth falsely perpetuated by competitors that you are guaranteed to be approved in 2 weeks or so using ESafe. Processing time will vary from case to case and is based on the merits of each case. It is also a myth that CBP will not accept waiver packets filed by paper. They are required to accept both paper and electronic versions as of 24 June 2022. We verified this fact with CBP headquarters in Washington D.C. on this date. 

It is also a myth perpetuated by lawyers that they are the only professionals can only do Esafe. Our paper waiver packets are coming back approved around the 6-12 months mark as of 2 Jan 2024. However, as of 31 December 2023, it seemed that the processing period is on average 6-12 months or more and this has been stated by CBP even on the Esafe website.


By regulation, us entry waivers may only be issued for a maximum period of 5 years. Some Canadians find this confusing since the USA used to offer “lifetime waivers.” These were called Canadian Border Crossing Cards. The U.S. stopped issuing them to Canadians around April 1998. First time us entry waiver applicants may or may not receive a 5 Year Waiver. Sometimes, the first one will be for one (1) year or even issued for only six (6) months. However, they are still recognized by CBP. After they finish adjudicating your application, you will receive your decision in writing. If approved, it will state how long it is valid for.

US Entry Waiver Renewal

Please note that the term “us entry waiver renewal” is a misnomer since. D.H.S does not really consider your new application as a us entry waiver renewal. This term implies that you are just simply renewing an application. This is actually not the case since each waiver application is always considered a new application by this agency. A new security check, as well as other procedures, are conducted on each us entry waiver Application. Just because you previously got approved for US Entry Waivers before does not absolutely guarantee that this will always be the case.  The particulars surrounding each waiver case are always factored in before CBP renders a decision. 

We also understand that most people won’t understand or really care about the legal jargon. This is why we present our information in an easy to understand format. We will also converse with you in a similar fashion. We will explain complex concepts in such a way that virtually anyone will be able to understand. We are always there for you and do indeed boast of a 99-100% success rate on the cases that we prepare if you come to us for the initial waiver application. 

US Entry Waiver 2024 – US Waiver Application for Canadians.

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