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Ties And Equities To Your Home Country In 2024

Countries such as United States will offer visa-free travel to citizens of Canada and Bermuda. Specifically, Canadian and citizens of Bermuda do not require a nonimmigrant visa for travel up to 180 days, for business and pleasure.

The question is why does the United States grant special status to these countries? There are a few reasons why the United States grants special status to Canadians and Bermudians. For one thing, they are generally happy individuals and have been deemed a low-security threat by American authorities. However, there has also been an increase in immigration from these countries in recent years. 

This means that there are now more people who want to visit the United States without having to worry about getting stuck with an annoying visa requirement or spending hours waiting at an immigration office. The fact that foreign nationals want to get their hands on Canadian and Bermuda passports as fast as possible is one big reason why this program has increased in popularity among tourists looking for cheaper travel options without having to deal with long wait times at the U.S. embassies and consulates overseas! 

There are also special treaties and agreements in place to facilitate travel between these countries. It is this affinity and close ties with their home country which grants citizens of Canada and Bermuda these exclusive privileges The U.S. Government is of the opinion that the USA is the top destination for global travel for citizens from every country in the world.

Despite the close physical proximity of the United States and Canada, there are times when visitors have faced inadmissibility issues. The incidents of Canadian individuals being denied entry to the USA and sent back are on the rise, and one of the reasons is – frequent travel. A CBP officer has the right and duly authorized authority to deny entry to the USA to any foreign national that has been deemed to be inadmissible for many reasons including being an intending immigrant without a visa. You are also subject to receiving an Expedited Removal and a 5-year ban from entering the USA.

This violation is clearly listed in section 212 of the U.S. Immigration & Nationality act of 1952. There is a process that CBP must use and adhere to before they deny entry to a foreign national. This is especially true if you are denied entry to the USA from Canada. The CBP officer does have the discretion to allow you to withdraw your admission to the USA and return back to Canada. However, virtually every action as such must receive supervisory concurrence before it can proceed. Note that virtually any law enforcement procedure must be completely documented in the system. 

Also, depending on the circumstances, this type of violation could unquestionably lead to an Expedited Removal and a 5-year ban. As mentioned above, the visa-free travel arrangement is based on the fact that the intended purpose of the visit is for temporary pleasure or business. Failure to comply with these laws and procedures could result in you having to get a US Entry Waiver. These violations are occurring at an ever-increasing rate. These offences are also some of the easiest for CBP to catch you on and document. 

CBP will quite often write up a number of senior citizens that only want to vacation in the USA for 6 months. It is actually much easier to focus on this group since they are often retirees and likely have an extended amount of free time to spend in the USA. Technically, a number of them are tempted to overstay and have very few ties in Canada. We have seen many cases of this issue surfacing on a daily basis.

Please note that the $930 USA govt waiver application fee for this situation may be nearly double that of a person that needs us entry waiver for drug trafficking. In our experience, these waiver cases can even be triple the work of a case where someone has an offence for money laundering or a drive-by shooting. Violent crime and money laundering-related offences can often be cleared much quicker than these 5-year bans for overstaying or not having properties in your home country.

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US Entry Waiver 2024 – US Waiver Application for Canadians.

ties and equities to your home country
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