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US Entry Waiver For Former Massage Relief Work Activity.

Did CBP accuse you of formerly engaging in paid massage relief work and tell you to get a us entry waiver? The Department of Homeland Security has carried over old policies and procedures from the days of the former US Immigration & Naturalization Service. Homeland Security came into effect in March of 2003 and is still enforcing these rules and procedures. One of them is to ban women that have been deemed to have engaged in paid “massage” type work.

This work may or may not be interpreted in many other ways. An example is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a person having a financial mentor in their life that will guide them into ensuring that their bills are paid. This can be a very delicate subject for people to openly discuss. We completely understand this and will work with you to get the issue cleared.

There is also nothing wrong with going out to dinner and hanging out with a polite but lonely gentleman that covers your financial expenses by just being a nice guy. The lines become blurred when people try to articulate this type of relationship to a CBP officer at the port of entry. The officer may search your cell phone and perceive everything to be different that what is actually happening. 

These cell phone searches at the border are becoming a big problem for people. This is because people have things on their phones that may be frowned upon by the government. One major CBP technique is to check Google and other databases to see in the person has any ads online that can be used against them.

They may do some due diligence and discover some old ads online that the person may have neglected to delete. There is also the distinct possibility that these fake ads were placed online by one of her female peers. This would be done if the female foe decided to try and get back at the girl. 

Thus, the officer will use this information and go on a fishing trip with the client. The poor victim may even feel coerced to voluntarily elaborate on information regarding the ads and the particulars behind them. It is also possible that the girl formerly engaged in this sort of work but left the industry years ago.

Unfortunately for you, this authority is given to CBP based on the fact that this work is a violation of the Immigration Nationality Act. Specifically, CBP will pull aside women and other people that they suspect have engaged in this type of work or relationship. 

Specifically, the CBP officer has to get the person to voluntarily admit to actually performing the act for a fee. They also have to get her to admit to a specific date regarding when the person last engaged in this type of work.

Thus the officer will then issue the 10-year ban. A lot of people do not realize that CBP can do this even if the person has only performed these duties in another country.  

However, we can help you with this situation since we have had the experience and training on how to resolve this issue. Rest assured that we will never shame or judge you for this former work. We can help show that you are rehabilitated and have moved on with your life.

Contact us so that we can get you cleared to enter the USA.

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