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Ties and Equities to Your Home Country

Countries such as United States will offer visa-free travel to citizens of Canada and Bermuda. Specifically, Canadian and citizens of Bermuda do not require a nonimmigrant visa for travel up to 180 days, for business and pleasure.

The question is why does the United States grant special status to these countries? One basic answer is that Canadian and Bermuda citizens are generally happy individuals and have been deemed a low security threat. There are also special treaties and agreements in place to facilitate travel between these countries. It is this affinity and close ties with their home country which grants citizens of Canada and Bermuda these exclusive privileges The U.S. Government is of the opinion that the USA is the top destination for global travel for citizens from every country in the world.

Despite the close physical proximity of the United States and Canada, there are times when visitors have faced inadmissibility issues. The incidents of Canadian individuals being denied entry to the USA and sent back, are on the rise, and one the reasons is - frequent travel.

If the officer from the United States Customs and Border Protection, a federal information enforcement agency believes that a certain individual is spending more time in an American state than his/her home country, then he has the right to refuse entry and send you home. As mentioned above, the visa free travel arrangement is based on the fact that the intended purpose of the visit is for temporary pleasure or business.