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US Entry Waiver scam list

  • Expedited/Standard Waiver processing scam
  • Emergency us waiver scam
  • Every criminal conviction requires a us entry waiver scam
  • U.S. Immigration lawyers charging you to accompany them to the border to fight for you
  • Service provider charged you a fee to do your courthouse check for your pardon Scam
  • Canadian Pardon needed to cross the border scam
  • Expedited & Standard processing scam for Canadian Pardons
  • Canadian Pardon scam
US Entry Waiver scam

Remember, not every criminal offence will require a us entry waiver.

Feb 18, 2018. We just discovered a new scam that is used by competitors. Apparently, if you pay extra, your case will be "processed faster" by the company. Meaning that you will supposedly go to the top of the pile and ahead of others. Plus, they also say that if you pay extra, the RCMP will process your prints faster and the courthouse will expedite the request for your court file.

We discovered this scam by accident because a client said he paid a Vancouver, BC competitor extra money to get everything processed faster, but they did not keep their word. He was stunned when we told him we have a 3-5 day processing period to prepare his case once we receive everything from our specialised list.

You cannot pay any Canadian court registry to process your request for court files any faster. The same goes for RCMP digital prints. A company can tell you if you they will process your case faster if you pay extra but how can you believe such a thing exists? There is no proof.

This is a complete scam in many areas. Alberta is the only province where the court registry will charge a fee to send a file. Although we recently had to pay a fee to the Winnipeg Court for a file. They only process them as they come in and there are no exceptions.