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Visa rules all over the world are extremely stringent in nature, especially when it comes to United States which sees overwhelming numbers of misuse every year. So, how does one abuse this government issued document which incidentally offers a valid way to enter into a particular country.

The answer is over stay!

Every visa typically limits a foreigner's stay within the country period. It is a category of non-immigrant conditional authorization which has specific entry and exit dates. Visa holders are then free to travel within the mentioned timeframe. Many individuals with an American visa generally tend to overstay after arrival. This happens due to four reasons -

  • Due to emergencies such as fatal accident, loss of passport or vital documents or death within the visiting family / friends.
  • Extreme hardship faced by permanent resident’s spouse or parents due to emotional connection and the subsequent separation.
  • To exploit career / better lifestyle options.
  • Out of ignorance.