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What is Expedited Removal?

Deportation and Ban

One of the backlashes of increased security concern around the globe and especially along the U.S Canadian border is the refusal to enter or denial to cross over. Amazing stories have erupted on the internet in this regard. People who have had no issues in the past, and crossed the border without trouble, have suddenly been labelled as inadmissible.

If you are one those individuals then the chances are it could be your past criminal record. As mentioned earlier, increased security has led to increased number of random criminal checks at the border post. So, if you have enjoyed hassle free cross border travel in the past in spite of having a criminal record, think again. You may not enjoy the same fate in the future.

Remember, you can be denied entry even if the charges against you had been dismissed or withdrawn. Expedited Removal or on the spot deportation is a form of instant refusal where the decision is taken by the C.B.P. People facing expedited removal do not have the right to a lawyer or an immigration judge. The C.B.P supervisor is literally the judge, jury and Executioner!