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Difficult U.S. Immigration Violations & Criminal Convictions

The bold items will indicate some of the more difficult cases to get a us entry waiver approval.

1. Admitting Marijuana Smoking or drug use to CBP at the border(likely waiver only)

  • Adultery

2. Alien Smuggling

3. Bribery

4. Child Rape/Molestation

5. Cultivation **

6. Domestic Violence

7. Drug Trafficking (Tough under the Trump administration)**

8. Escorting/Prostitution

9. False Claims to U.S. Citizenship

10. Perjury

11. US Immigration Violations

  • Deportations
  • Fake Names
  • Misrepresentation
    • Fake Names
    • Deportation
  • Overstays
  • Ties & Equities
  • Working Without Authorization
  • 5 Year or More Bans

12. Sexual Crimes **

  • Bestiality
  • Child Molestation and Abuse
  • Fornication
  • Prostitution
  • Rape**
  • Sexual Assault
  • Sodomy

13. Sexual Assaults **

This is a list of offences that are much more work for us to clear for a US Entry Waiver or possibly a Lifetime clearance depending on the circumstances. Again, understand that these cases can be a lot of work, and are definitely not easy to do. There is absolutely no easy quick fix. We have developed the techniques and have the experience to successfully get these cases approved for a US Entry Waiver.

We differ from the $599 Discount Waiver Companies in many ways and this is one of them. We have defined and mastered the techniques on how to address each offence listed here and do the appropriate presentation/prepare it the appropriate way to show CBP why you should get your waiver or Lifetime Clearance case approved. We do not just slap packets together for our clients.

Our goal is to win and it is our responsibility to aggressively work for you on your behalf to successfully provide you with the favourable results that you have retained us for. This is why we do not list fees since it will be different for each case and will depend on a variety of factors that are case specific to your situation. It is idiotic to list a one size fit all fee for every case since each case will have its own unique particulars.

An example is that obviously, we would prepare a case for someone that stole a leather jack at age 19 and now is a 60-year-old man different, than someone that smuggled 1000 tons of Cocaine into the United States, laundered millions of dollars or molested small children at the Church. Cases on this page may cost more to prepare but rest assured that you will be happy with an approval at the end. The good thing is that we specialize in resolving complex cases, do most of the work and have a 99% success in getting all cases cleared.