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Cheated By a Cheap U.S Waiver Company

Life is full of surprises, and often we commit legal blunders which are categorized as petty – typically by friends and relatives. These incidences may happen out of ignorance, impunity or even knowingly. While small time legal entanglements may just earn a stern warning and a quick relief there are some which may result in a jail term. However, in either case a record has been established in the criminal database of the Canadian government. Remember, even if you have unknowingly trespassed but failed to appear in court to clarify your position your name will simply make its way to the government criminal list.

So, what is the impact of such an outcome?

Offences which are not serious in nature may have little impact on your current life. You may carry on as usual without anyone knowing about it. It causes no hindrance, and therefore most people forget about it over a period of time. It is only during the following scenarios that a past record can make a big difference.

  • When applying for a job within and outside the country, especially the latter.
  • Applying for a U.S visa (either for a job or leisure travel).
  • Crossing the U.S border.
  • Applying for a government service whether it is an NGO, armed forces or education.

A quick check by the government agencies or the human resource department of any organization will throw up your name in the list of criminals. This will mean the end of your journey. Literally!

Does it mean that you have to live under its shadow for the rest of your life? The answer is no. What you can do is apply for pardon and get your name removed from the database permanently. Once the name is removed you may or may not be able to travel, apply for job or even enroll as a government servant and may or may not face being rejected due to your past mistake/s.

A point to note - Parole Board of Canada is the supreme body / agency responsible for clearing the name once a petition is filed successfully. However, due to the complexity of paperwork and time constraint many individuals seek professional help. In such a scenario several fly-by-night operators dupe these entities and prevent them from achieving their goal. These cheap discount waiver companies, lawyers / and law firms may demand money up front before they even talk to you. They offer fake promises to get your money. This is in spite of the fact that even the Parole Board or CBP cannot offer any guarantees of approval. As a waiver or pardon seeker you need to be wary of such cheap organizations and shady individuals that constantly push their fees on you to collect quickly.

In case you have been a victim of such a fraud we can help you get back your money and your petition for pardon or waiver filed legally and technically. Talk to us or email us your details. If we find your situation genuine, we will be happy to help your case at a fairly reasonable rate. Nonetheless, you have to understand that all cases are subject to filing the right documents along with relevant forms. This is where we help you make your case stronger and authentic. It simply enhances your success quotient!