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Admitted Smoking Weed?

One of the common drug related offences in Canada has invariably something to do with Marijuana / Cannabis / Reefer / Mary Jane / Grass. In case you have been booked by the law for using or distributing drugs of any kind, the sentence could be really catastrophic and its impact on your personal life even more disastrous.

A Conviction could also mean that you now have a criminal record which will limit your travel scope, especially crossing over to the U.S and at the same time it will certainly reduce job opportunities in the future. There is likely only 1 way to unshackle from it ― a waiver. You need to understand that it is irrelevant that Washington State or even Canada legalized Marijuana. The U.S. Border (C.B.P) follows U.S. federal law, where Marijuana is still listed as an illegal drug.

If you have admitted having smoked, carried or distributed marijuana to a CBP officer, chances are you will need a waiver to enter U.S. In short, you can be categorised as an individual who is inadmissible. Remember, drug abuse may lead to a criminal record as it is considered an offence.

The same scenario applies to excessive alcohol consumption. Your admission on its dependence or uncontrolled consumption may be regarded as a challenge to the zero tolerance policy of cross border travel / immigration rules. In most of the above mentioned cases a voluntary sworn statement is recorded. Fortunately, we can get you a waiver without much trouble if the same has not been initiated in its true essence. On the flip side, you may need a waiver every few years because the government needs proof, a document that endorses that you are a changed person, and off drugs.

Depending on what you say, you may also be referred out to the U.S. Immigration Panel physician for a medical exam to see if you are deemed to be a drug abuser or addict. We can clear these cases but it increases the scope of work substantially since CBP has a very harsh view towards Marijuana smokers. Ironically, these offences can be considered extremely serious than if you have been convicted for manslaughter or drive-by shooting. They can be cleared quickly as opposed to admitting to smoking a joint.

You need to understand that CBP encourages its officers to pursue drug related cases since they are easy to write up and even manipulate, and can help advance an officer's career. This could be a great loophole for a passionate CBP official but it definitely raises quite a few problems for innocent or one time weed consumers.

As mentioned above, we have provided relief to hundreds of individuals from across the country. We are one of the leading professional firms providing expedited removal waiver service. For more information please contact us for an appointment.