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Security has become of paramount importance and a concern for every government agency in these uncertain times. As a Canadian citizen, if you have a negative record, especially of a criminal nature, chances are you will be denied entry by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers. As a leading US entry waiver entity, we offer special and integrated services which allow good people to rebuild a clean background for hassle free travel.

We are a bouquet firm of highly motivated, professional and qualified individuals with varying specialities - ranging from U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst to Client Intake Specialist. Moreover, we boast an impeccable record where reversal of US entry denied cases are concerned. It also means that your application is in good hands.

Our human resources are certified professionals from select U.S. and Canadian government agencies, societies and associations with several accolades to their credit while our senior executives are former members of the military, law enforcement, U.S. immigration and other government agencies, which offers us unrivalled credibility. It is this elite status of our associates which makes us the most trustworthy U.S. immigration law agency, especially for U.S entry waiver application.

Mentioned below is the summary of our distinguished experts.

Lord Ken Scott -

Ken Scott’s speciality area is U.S. immigration inadmissibility issues. A senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst and former Personnel Manager for the United States Government Dept of Defence Pentagon. He is also a highly decorated former member of the military, attended American military Officer Candidate School and trained with her majesty’s military forces from the United Kingdom and American special operations groups. He is also a former auxiliary police academy assistant law enforcement trainer, firearms trainer and defensive tactics and military operations instructor. He is also a former certified Law Enforcement Officer in Washington State. He had also initially been hired to be an instructor at the U.S. border and was also a Federal Protective Officer with the U.S Federal Protective Service, and a part time night court Bailiff. Ken’s ultimate goal is to become a criminal trial lawyer for trying serious offences at the US federal court cases at the Federal District Court of Seattle. Ken Scott is a Bachelor of Science in Criminology from the United States and attended numerous other schools and obtained training in many specialized and highly sought-after areas. He has also studied Microbiology at the prestigious Howard University in Washington D.C. Ken has been lucky enough to establish global locations for our website dictated services offered in Washington State, London United Kingdom, Estonia, Surrey, Burnaby, and Vancouver Canada. He is able to open a location and offer our services anywhere in the European Union, United States or Canada. He has family members that were heavily involved in working for government agencies and helping to keep North America and NATO safe.

As a highly driven and successful Chief Executive with 20+ years of experience driving successful business operations and enhancing corporate productivity, He possess a wide range of knowledge and experience that allows him to contribute toward the success of the firm.

His other areas of expertise lie in driving business development efforts, profit and loss oversight, and staff development and leadership to expand shareholder value and achieve organizational goals. Through his experience, he become adept in overseeing a wide variety of operational and fiscal responsibilities to ensure optimal business performance and realize substantial revenue enhancements. His additional success in managing and mentoring teams positioned him to make a significant contribution to the organization.

Throughout his career as Executive Immigration Expert, Chief Security Manager, Executive Trainer and Capacity building Expert, Key Researcher, he has contributed to positive business results through effective organization, prioritization, and follow-through of key organizational projects.

Directing business operations and Executive Management as SENIOR U.S. IMMIGRATION LAW INTELLIGENCE ANALYST/Executive Manager role, he exercises a calculated and methodical approach to problem-solving. While independently motivated, he appreciates collective efforts and collaborate productively within group settings. Conceptualizing strategic initiatives to propel the achievement of corporate goals, streamline operations, and maximize staff performance, directing human resources, performance management, multimillion-dollar budget administration, and staff mentoring and leadership.

Realizing consistent improvements in organizational profitability, efficiency, and performance through effective problem solving, organization, and interpersonal abilities. Earning formal commendation and awards throughout career from corporate management as well as colleagues for outstanding management style, cross-industry expertise, and commitment to unparalleled customer service and focusing on Performance Delivery.

His proven dedication to overseeing all aspects of corporate operational, financial, and staff direction—along with his acute ability to realize consistent improvements in productivity, efficiency, and performance through effective negotiation, organization, and interpersonal abilities—will contribute immensely to the success of your company.

Ken has previously worked with many criminal defence and immigration lawyers and served as a residential authority on resolving complex cases involving USA inadmissibility issues and cases. He has successfully cleared the inadmissibility issues on an impressive number of Surrey, East Vancouver, Richmond, and Abbotsford BC individuals whose names formerly made breaking news headlines on Global & CTV News in the 1990’s and 2000’s in British Columbia. His speciality is resolving U.S. inadmissibility issues around extremely complex and serious criminality cases. Ken feels that all US Entry Waiver clients are either innocent or completely and fully rehabilitated. It is an accomplishment that some of his client’s offence cases are still taught as required learning at many Canadian institutions to include universities, law firms and police academies. It brings him great joy seeing the satisfaction on their faces of when they either got their waivers or Lifetime Clearances aka September Letters which permanently clear you from needing a US Entry Waiver for your current offence(s).

A thorough community individual, he is a highly respected and adored entity, especially amongst Indian Diaspora, and Punjabi community in particular. An expert in U.S. immigration and enforcement matters he has extensive knowledge of the American federal and state government and Washington state criminal laws. Ken Scott's easy- going personality has fetched him friends within the business and cultural communities in the Lower Mainland of B.C., Washington D.C., and Washington State. He has numerous awards and decorations from both the Washington state and the United States government for exemplary service. As of July 2020, he was granted the Title of Lord by the Royal Family and this is legally recognized in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Island, The European Union, Canada, and the USA. Schedule an appointment with him if you have query regarding U.S entry waiver cost.

J Tran -

J. Tran is a Junior Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst and a case management specialist with expertise in Finance, Wealth Management, Investing and Cultural Diversity. He also has a special interest in criminal procedure and business law. He believes that you should work hard for what you want and developed his strong work ethic when he used to work at the family restaurant that specialized in delicious Vietnamese Cuisine.

He knows that people sometime make mistakes, but they should learn from them and no longer make the wrong choices. He believes that people have to understand that entering the USA is not a right for Canadians but is simply a privilege. This belief has been founded on the basis of his speciality area as a case screener and examiner.

As an experienced Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst, he understands the complexities of U.S immigration border crossing matters and therefore offers unique solution that complements “client” needs. Do not just Google search for U.S waiver lawyer Surrey ― instead, contact us for an appointment.

Rick. S -

Rick. S. is an Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst and a case management specialist with expertise in international business development in real estate. He also has a special interest in immigration and family law. His philosophy is really simple ― everyone should get a second chance in life.

He believes that individuals do make wrong choices at times. But these failed decisions shouldn’t be the cause for cross border travel problems. This belief has been founded on the basis of his speciality area which incidentally is initial public intake and screener.

As an experienced Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst, he understands the complexities of U.S immigration border crossing matters and therefore offers unique solution that complements “client” needs. Don’t just Google search for U.S waiver lawyer Vancouver ― instead, contact us for an appointment.

Mike V -

Mike V. is a client intake specialist with the firm with expertise in international business development and US immigration inadmissibility issues. He has a special interest in criminal immigration law and family law related issues.

Mike V. has friendly ties with the Vancouver Eastside cultural community due to his empathetic and down to earth personality. A well known and respected individual he has to his credit several success stories.

Jaswinder Singh

Jaswinder Singh is an apprentice immigration law analyst who works behind the scene to help develop a winning case strategy. He is an expert at researching and finding the full story from clients and cases. He formerly worked as a Skip Trace Investigator for commercial businesses and the Canadian Government. He is an expert in background research and advisory specialist in case processing.

Seth Ben Archer –

Seth Ben Archer – is a very modest U.S. Immigration Specialist that works with us behind the scenes to process and prepare American E-2 Investor Visas and more. He has nearly 40 years of experience in business investments and international commerce. He has helped dozens of individuals and corporations fulfil the dream of investing and working in the United States under select business class visas. He is a very humble and modest man that does not like the spotlight but is a wealth of knowledge. He is currently working on our markets in India and Hong Kong.

Background Team -

Apart from the above, we have a battery of professionals and affiliates who are as important as the bove-mentioned entities and work for us behind the scenes. Nonetheless, their contribution is unmatched and unprecedented, especially for those looking for “U.S entry waiver Edmonton”.